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  • Education Coordinator

    Job Description
    • Identify and enroll employers to provide students with work based experience and to mentor high school juniors and seniors in careers.
    • Enroll schools to engage students in career awareness and work based learning activities.
    • Work with employers to develop individual workplace training plans for students.
    • Act as a liaison between schools, colleges, and employers for work based programs.
    • Facilitate development of school-to-work programs (career awareness events, workplace tours, job shadowing, summer career experience, internships, apprenticeships, etc).
    • Develop and share best practices for participants engaged in school-to-work programs.
    • Work with teachers, students, and workplace mentors to plan training and monitor progress at both the worksite and school. Includes assisting employers to grade student’s progress.
    • Promote STW programs (share successes, issue press releases, write newsletter articles, etc.)
    • Provide updates/reports to the NTIEC Director and Board on a regular basis.
    • Coordinate career events that provide student the opportunity to meet employers to learn about careers and educational pathways to those careers.
    • Develop an understanding of employer staffing needs and career opportunities within the region and adjust programs as needed.
    • Assist employers with training for workplace mentors.
    • Full-time (40 hours per week).  Work hours flexible with Director’s agreement.
    • Annual starting salary of $37,500 (salary may be negotiable based on education and experience).
    • Education – A college degree and/or business/industry experience is desired but not required. An individual with life experiences, initiative, personality, ethics and a desire to serve the needs of young people will be considered. See below for additional detail concerning relevant experience.
    • Dependable transportation required
    • Frequent travel to workplaces, schools, and community meetings (mileage reimbursed).
    • Position available ASAP
    • Must be a self-starter
    • A clean background check and PA Child Abuse Clearance
    • A college degree and/or business/industry experience is desired but the position is not limited to these two areas. An individual with life experiences, initiative, personality, ethics, and a desire to serve the needs of young people will be considered.
    • Must be a team player and a self-starter with a track record of performance and the ability to build support across a variety of organizations.
    • Desirable experience, skills and knowledge:
    . Workplace education and training programs (coordinator or trainer)
                            . Technical education and training
    . Labor market and workplace skill needs
    . Training needs assessments
    . Career counseling
    . Workplace mentor
    . Workplace safety requirements
    . Administration of state funded programs for work based  
      education and  training
    . Post-secondary education programs in the N. Tier
    . Private sector leadership and work experience
    . High performance team leadership experience
    . Education system leadership and work experience
    . Volunteer leadership of youth development programs (4H,
      Scouting, Sports, etc.)
    . Current relationships with leaders in schools, employers, and
    . Knowledge of non-profit administration.
    . Grant writing and fundraising. 
    Contact Information